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Elderly man lost his job, but wait till you hear his explanation for how it happened

A group of old men sits together, feeling nostalgic about their youth and complaining about their advancing age and all the physical and mental problems that come with it.
One of them, a particularly distraught-looking elderly fellow, says, “My memory has gotten so bad it has actually caused me to lose my job.”
“Oh boy,” asks another man in the group. “Did you forget to turn in a report to your boss? That was how I was done in.”
“No, that's not it.”
“Did you mix up your coworkers’ names? I called my boss by his dog's name, and vice versa,” another suggested.
“No, I didn't do that,” the man says.
“So how did you get fired?” One of the men asks.
“I didn't,” the old man replied. “I'm still employed. I just can't remember where.”
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