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Mom finds her little girl praying in her bedroom, can't believe her rib-tickling wish

Walking upstairs with a load of laundry one evening, Tess heard soft murmuring as she walked by her daughter's open bedroom door.
Peeking inside quietly, she saw her little girl kneeling on the floor near her bed. She was praying. 
Tess didn't understand where this behavior was coming from, as their family was not a particularly religious one.
“Please, God,” Penny kept saying over and over. Her mother hovered in the doorway, trying to understand why her daughter was praying.
Finally the girl voiced her request. “Please God, make Melaka the capital city of Malaysia.”
“Penny, why on Earth would you make such a strange request?” asked Tess, startling her daughter. Penny began to cry.
“Because that's what I wrote in my Geography test this morning!”
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