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An Aged Explorer Is Retelling His Scariest Experience. But How It Ends? LOL

A young reporter went to a retirement home to interview Bert, an aged but legendary explorer.
The reporter asked the old man to tell him about the most frightening experience he had ever had. 
Bert said, "Once I was hunting Bengal tigers in the jungles of India. I was on a narrow path and suddenly, the largest tiger I have ever seen leaped onto the path in front of us.” He got to his feet, waving his arms in excitement.
“I tried to get my weapon ready, but there was no time, the tiger leapt toward me with a mighty Roooaarrrrr!
He slowly leaned in toward the reporter, embarrassed. “I soiled myself,” he admitted.
“Under those circumstances, anyone would have done the same,” the reporter answered reassuringly.
Bert replied, “No, not then – just now, when I went Roooaarrrrr!
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