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She Had One Last Request For Her Husband's Mortician. But The Result? Oh Dear

An old lady was very upset as her husband Albert had just passed away. 
She went to the undertakers to have one last look at her dearly departed husband. 
The instant she saw him she started crying.
The mortician walked over to comfort her. Through her tears she explained that she was upset because her dearest Albert was wearing a black suit, and it was his fervent wish to be buried in a blue suit.
The mortician apologized and explained that traditionally they always put bodies in a black suit, but he’d see what he could arrange.
The next day she returned to the funeral parlor to have one last moment with Albert before the funeral the following day.
The mortician pulled back the curtain. The old lady gasped; Albert was resplendent in a smart blue suit.
“Yesterday afternoon after you left, a man about your husband’s size was brought in and he was wearing a blue suit,” the mortician explained. “His wife was quite upset because she wanted him buried in the traditional black suit.”
“That's all well and good,” the wife replied, “But you could've swapped more than just the heads.”
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