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Three nuns went to confession, and it is not what you expect

Three nuns wished to go to confession, as a bishop was visiting their church.
The bishop had the first nun, Sister Mary, enter the confessional and admit to her sin. "I got into a fight with another sister, Your Excellency," she confessed shamefully.
The bishop forgave her, told her to say ten Hail Maries and one Our Father, and drink some holy water. So she did.
Sister Eunice entered the confessional next, and said, with tears in her eyes, "I had sexual intercourse, Your Excellency."
The bishop forgave her, told her to say twenty Hail Maries and two Our Fathers, and drink some holy water. And she did.
As the bishop motioned for the third sister to enter, he noticed she was laughing. Even as she sat down to confess, the nun would not stop laughing.
"Now, sister Jane, what could possibly have you in such a state here in the confessional?"
And as she was laughing she admitted, "I pissed in the holy water!"
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