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A priest took the Lord's name in vain one too many times, and the consequences are crazy

A nun and a priest decide to take a day off, so they go golfing.
The nun gets a hole-in-one, but the priest hits it into a sand trap. He's so angry, he shouts, "God dammit, I missed!"
The nun reminds him not to take the Lord's name in vain, and the priest apologizes and tries again.
He hits the ball into the rough, and in his anger, once again shouts "God dammit, I MISSED!"
"Father, please, you must stop taking the Lord's name in vain!" the nun pleads. He apologizes.
On his third shot, he hits it into the water and yells "GOD DAMMIT, I MISSED!" and before the nun can say anything, a bolt of lightning strikes her, killing her instantly.
Out of nowhere, a loud voice booms, "God dammit, I missed."
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